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PEA 50g

Bio Medica Pure Liposome Vitamin B12 50ml Oral Liquid ** Replaces MTHFR B12

$33.00 incl. GST

Pure Liposome Vitamin B12

BioMedica’s Pure Liposome formulas offer an additional and novel therapeutic delivery method. By utilising specialised liposome technology; lipid based spherical vesicles are formed to envelope an active ingredient improving its delivery.

Product Highlights

  • Pure, natural and vegan liposome
  • Utilises world-class liposome technology
  • Polyethylene glycol-free (PEG-free)
  • Convenient liquid supplement allowing flexible prescribing
  • Suitable for compounding with other liposomes in the Pure Liposome range
  • Highest quality assured through extensive testing methods
  • Independently proven stability
  • Gradated dropper for easy dispensing
  • GMO-free
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Calm Care for Kids - Oral Powder

Calm Care for Kids – Oral Powder

$36.00 incl. GST

Beneficial during times of stress, and to relieve mild anxiety symptoms and sleeplessness.
Size: 120g oral powder (34 doses)

Children’s Health – Gluten free – Free from Nuts and Seeds
Great tasting Banana flavour to mix with milk or juice.

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website immune support image

Immune Support Bundle (10% off)

$90.00 incl. GST

Tonic has put together a discounted Immune Support Bundle to build immunity against viruses and bacteria.

A 200ml Herbal Immune Support tonic and Tonic’s Immune + is a high potency combination to improve your immune health.

Kylie recommends adding a Vitamin C to this mix as Vitamin C is the most researched supplement to fight the Coronavirus. Try our C-Ultrascorb or if you prefer a powder, C-Max oral powder.

*** Please specify when ordering if you require a pregnancy or breastfeeding safe tonic. ***

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Orthoplex Pure Children's Essentials 225g

Orthoplex Pure Children’s Essentials 225g

$35.00 incl. GST

Pure Children’s Essentials features highly bioavailable and absorbable citrate forms of the macro nutrients, Calcium and Magnesium, along with a carefully selected suite of the highest quality ingredients necessary for optimal brain and cognitive development, and immune and gut function.

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Tonic Ultra Clean Fish Oils 150 Softgels

Tonic Ultra Clean Fish Oils 150 Softgels

$45.00 incl. GST

Tonic Ultra Clean Fish Oil

May support: reduction of pain and inflammation, blood sugar balance, hormonal balance, mood, cardiovascular health, brain and skin health, pregnancy and preconception.

Directions: consume three of these high potency fish oils daily.

Children: 1 daily. Oil can be squeezed out of capsule onto a spoon or for older children they can chew capsule.

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