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Copy of Melatomax 3

3-Month Naturopathic Coaching Package

$1,997.00 incl. GST

Herbal Hormoane Reset

So often women will reach out to me feeling desperate! After failing to receive help from numerous doctors and specialists and trying a multitude of programs with little or no results, they feel hopeless by the time they find me. It’s often overlooked in standard medical testing, and too often it’s simply that their hormones that have gone astray and are in need of a reset.

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Bioclinic Naturals ElementAll Diet Chocolate 750g Powder media 01

Bioclinic Naturals ElementAll Diet Chocolate Powder 750g

$75.00 incl. GST

ElementAll™ Diet is a nutritionally complete formula which may aid repair of the gastrointestinal wall lining and support small intestinal health. Containing pure, 100% free-form amino acids, readily absorbed carbohydrates and MCT, this hypoallergenic formula contains the daily recommended allowances for all nutrients, vitamins and minerals in easily digestible forms.

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BioMedica NKCP 60 Tabs

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BioMedica NKCP 60 Tabs

A natural source of Bacillopeptidase F

The production of NKCP is based on a unique and patented adaption of the traditional Japanese fermentation method that produces natto from soybeans. The major difference is in the capture and isolation of a unique proteolytic enzyme known as Bacillopeptidase F. Further, the manufacturing process completely removes the odour, bacterial components, other peptides and vitamin K usually associated with natto.

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BioMedica Ribraxx – 90 Sachets

$360.00 incl. GST

What is Ribraxx®?

Ribraxx is a unique arabinoxylan compound derived from rice bran.  Its water soluble hemicellulose-β fraction is partially hydrolysed by enzymes extracted from a cultured medium of Shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes). Ribraxx is of low molecular weight and is easily absorbed.

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