Genetic Health & Wellbeing Report

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The genes in every human being exist as a pair, and like every close relationship, sometimes our genes don’t get along and don’t team up as well as others.

These genetic variations are the focus of Fitgenes’ Health & Wellbeing Report, a comprehensive analysis of your personal genetic profile and how the variants in your genes can influence your fitness and your general health.

We will use this report to review specially selected genes to assist us to determine diet and lifestyle choices suited to your DNA.

Your Health & Wellbeing Report will outline gene variations, and whether peer-reviewed science suggests they’re beneficial or not. Remember, many genetic variations can be managed or compensated for; I will step you through this process.

Your genetic profile report will explain the effects of your genetic variants, with reference to the following physiological groupings.

  1. Inflammation – your body’s reaction to injury or disease
  2. Cell Defence – the systems that respond to invading pathogens
  3. Vitamin D Receptors – the protein that processes your Vitamin D
  4. Methylation
  5. Homocysteine Metabolism – the proper functioning of metabolic pathways and efficient enzyme activity.
  6. Cardiovascular Health – what role your genes play in heart health
  7. Fat Metabolism and Cholesterol – how well your genes help you process fatty foods

Once you have posted off your DNA swab please book a one hour initial appointment for 4 weeks after you have posted off your sample for us to review your profile and plan out how you can eat and live to support your unique genetic makeup.



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