Food intolerance testing

Food Detective: The Complete Food Intolerance Testing

  • Do you dread ‘that time of the month’ due to heavy flow, skin breakouts, moodiness and fatigue?
  • Do your struggle with irregular or non-existent painful periods?
  • Are you struggling with hot flushes, night sweats, lack of libido and weight gain?
  • Is infertility, PCOS, endometriosis or thyroid issues your struggle?
  • This is not how your life needs to be!
This test is performed in person at your Newcastle (Adamstown NSW) clinic 

Blood test for food intolerance: it only takes one simple fingertip test!

You have been to the doctor and all your blood tests say that nothing is wrong!

It is time for a hormone RESET, this will help you to find your balance and live life with passion excitement and energy.

Whether you at the early stages of womanhood or in menopause, the foundations of hormonal balance are the same. Of course supplement and vitamin prescriptions change dependant on your specific imbalances, but these won’t work anyway until you have RESET the foundations of good hormonal health.

The HORMONE RESET FORMULA is a tried and proven method of how to fall in love with being a woman again.

Food intolerance test will help you with:

  • Banish that foggy ‘BLAH’ feeling
  • Achieve fabulous health
  • Rediscover your vitality and energy
  • Shift some unwanted weight
  • Understand how to work with your hormones

The NEW 28 day Hormone Reset Formula is based on whole food nutrition and mindful, healthy habits to help clear the things that do not serve you making room for goodness that energises and rebalances your hormones. It’s our whole-body cleansing program that will help you master the basics of holistic self-care to elevate your energy & find hormonal balance.

Meet Your Coaches

Your coaches are two of Australia’s most experienced Naturopath’s Kylie Armstrong and Amanda Trieger.

Between the two of them, Kylie and Amanda have over 45 years clinical experience and have both spent their many years in practice focusing on women’s health and hormones.

The information in this course is how they work in clinic every day in helping women to achieve good health, balance their hormones and get excited about life again.

You will hear from Kylie and Amanda every week in the Masterclass and have a chance to ask any questions you may have.

The private Facebook group is also a great place to share your wins and ask questions.

Kylie Armstrong - Your experienced Newcastle iridologist
Amanda Trieger - Newcastle naturopath

Program Footprint

Suitable for: All women from puberty to menopause.

Private online program: Hosted by Kylie Armstrong and Amanda Trieger Naturopaths from Tonic Natural Health.

Official live launch: Saturday 2nd October.

Access to course content: Thursday 30th September. Get started on the About & Welcome Pages.

Live Zoom Weekly Introductions and Q & A: One-hour Live Zoom Talk / Presentation hosted by Amanda and Kylie with a Q & A at the beginning of each week plus a bonus end of reset maintenance chat. That’s 4 sessions in total. These will be recorded if you can’t attend the live sessions.

  • Saturday 2nd October 8am-9am – Welcome, Preparation & Week One
  • Saturday 9th October 8am – 9am – Week Two Overview
  • Saturday 16th October 8am – 9am – Week Three Overview
  • Saturday 23rd October 8am – 9am – How to move forward with balanced hormones for life.

Facebook Group where you can share ideas and get support: Facebook group will be monitored daily by Amanda and Kylie ensuring your success in completing the 4 Week Reset

Exclusive 10% discount code: to use on any purchase online to support your hormone reset journey. Received once you sign up.

Weekly Lessons

Week One Lessons – Saturday 2nd October

Week One: The menstrual phase of your cycle

  1. What foods impact your hormone health
  2. How to minimise sugar cravings
  3. Healthy swaps for happy hormones
  4. The importance of a healthy liver
  5. Meal plans for hormonal health
  6. Wholefood Recipes
  7. Discussions

Week Two Lessons – Saturday 9th October

Week Two: The Ovulation Phase

  1. Move & Cleanse Your Mind & Body
  2. Instil healthy rituals
  3. Mineral Deficiencies
  4. Blood, saliva and urine testing, what you need to know
  5. Discussions

Week Three Lessons – Saturday 16th October

Week Three: The Follicular Phase

  1. Which exercise is right for your body
  2. Removing Chemicals for healthy Hormone Balance
  3. Sleep and your hormone
  4. Ovulation
  5. Our favourite herbs for hormonal health
  6. Discussions

Week Four Lessons – Saturday 23rd October

Week Four: Luteal Phase

  1. Gut & Hormone Cheat Sheet
  2. Seed cycling
  3. Discussions

Together we can create a healthy eating and lifestyle routine to set you up for long term good hormonal health.

We look forward to supporting you on this journey.

Kylie and Amanda

What Others Have to Say

Authentic 5* Google / 5* Facebook reviews



“Perimenopause had been a rollercoaster, with weight gain, irregular cycles, moodiness, hot flushes and brain fog. I now know that some of these symptoms were due to perimenopause, and some were due to an undiagnosed thyroid disorder. Kylie helped me to uncover my thyroid issue and then showed me how to manage it with food and herbal remedies. I am no longer dreading menopause but feel confident that I have the knowledge now of how to keep my hormones in check!”




“My goal was to lose those last stubborn 5 kg’s! I came away with so much more! The dietary and lifestyle changes were easy to implement with my busy family and my mood has improved 100%. Thank you so much for keeping me accountable and helping me to FINALLY find lifestyle and dietary changes that I have been able to stick to.”




“My husband, my children and I thank you for helping me to find my happy self again! My periods had given me grief ever since having kids. I now have energy and regular cycles. My family tell me that I am much nicer to be around!”


Brenda G

Facebook review

“Kylie makes you feel totally at ease. There is no judgement just acceptance of where you are in that moment. She has helped me so much and I am grateful for her continued healing. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tonic to anyone.”

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