In all my years of seeing various health professionals I was searching for someone like Kylie. Kylie has firmly kept me on track with my diet- something I could not have done on my own (I loved dairy milk chocolate too much!) She has treated me holistically, ensuring all aspects of my well-being: physical, mental and spiritual are working harmoniously so I can feel vibrant, healthy, and energetic – the best version of myself every day.

I am forever grateful to Kylie for turning my health around and for her continuous support, and encouragement.

-- Kat Hellver 07/03/2018

Kylie makes you feel totally at ease. There is no judgement just acceptance of where you are in that moment. She has helped me so much and I am grateful for her continued healing. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tonic to anyone.

Brenda Gledhill 06/03/2019

Before I went to Tonic my gut was an absolute mess! I had a long-term history of IBS which the FODMAPS diet had not improved at all. Kylie sorted out the right diet for me and fixed my gut health with her ‘delicious’ herbal tonics and helped me to reduce my bodies reactions to stress. I cannot explain how much my health and life in general has changed since seeing Kylie. She is the best!

Nat Bailey 08/03/2019

Kylie has so much knowledge. She has helped me greatly with wonderful and noticeable detoxes, fertility health and the gut health of my daughter. She is such a kind and caring person and puts you in the right path for excellent health

Jenna Luppi 05/03/2019

I always felt that Kylie was absolutely present when I sat across the desk from her. Her eyes said it all………….my well-being was her priority and purpose. I can’t say enough about Kylie that could possibly express the feelings in my heart for her and her healing. Kylie has been there for me not only to support my physical well-being, but for my emotional needs as well.

She is the first person I turn to when I need guidance.Kylie has also supported my three beautiful daughters, and all of three of them speak very highly and warmly of her.

-- Sue Atkinson 05/03/2019

Kylie was the one health professional that looked at Kit and I specifically rather than apply principles designed to suit most people. She is always kind and supportive, but will also tell you the hard truth when it is needed. I really appreciate how Kylie will give you as much information as you need – whether that is a simple explanation as to why you should include celery in your daily green smoothie, or a peer reviewed scientific paper published in a reputable journal as to why you should stop drinking coffee while trying to conceive.

We cannot recommend her highly enough and give her full credit in preparing Kit and I physically and mentally to be the best we could be for our beautiful Charlie’s conception.

-- Kit and Julie 05/03/2019

Looking back, I cannot believe we went to see Kylie as a last resort. I will be following Kylie’s advice throughout the remainder of our pregnancy and after the birth of our first bub.

We will definitely be contacting Kylie first when we are planning our second child for her support in conceiving a healthy baby.

-- Shona and Luke 01/03/2019

By the end of the 3 month detox Simon had lost 9 kg’s and was feeling really good. I put on 3kg, a great result as I was underweight previously. I was eating more than ever, had loads of energy and was sleeping great too. The best part was that my IBS symptoms had gone completely.

-- Cass and Simon 01/03/2019

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