People are surprised that simple changes to their nutrition, in combination with lifestyle changes, can significantly boost fertility. Learn more about the naturopathic approach to fertility. Alternatively, discuss the power of herbal medicine with us.

Tonic natural health fertility blood tests

Fertility Tests

Before the preganancy When you first start to think about having a baby, the majority of people will just stop using contraception and get started on the baby making process! However it is super important to have some blood tests done at this point because some deficiencies may prevent pregnancy from occurring, some may make…

Tonic natural health egg sperm health

Egg & Sperm Health

Targeting the health of the egg and sperm through diet and supplementation makes a HUGE difference to fertility outcomes. Firstly let’s look at the egg You want the quality of the egg to be the best it can be (think free-range organic VS cage eggs) so it can survive the sperm “attack” and the journey…