Initial consultation with Kylie


Your initial consultation with Kylie seeks to determine your current health & fertility status, nutrient status and dietary requirements. You will receive a comprehensive health & fertility survey to fill in before your appointment which will give Kylie a good indication of your health strengths /weaknesses & fertility issues.

The consult is spent discussing your hormonal history, pregnancy goals & concerns, health symptoms/health concerns, dietary habits, past medical history and pregnancies. Please bring along all available test results you may have as well as any vitamins or prescribed medications you may be taking.

To help to determine the best treatment regime for you Kylie has a number of in house testing procedures available:

Heavy Metal Test

Tests for excess of heavy minerals/metals that may cause ADD, infertility, memory or concentration difficulties, lethargy, hormone imbalance, reduced immune function, digestive and skin disturbances.

Cellular Health Analysis

This bio impedance test determines: How well are your cells ageing, what is the best weight loss diet for you, your cellular and tissue hydration levels, how much fat your body is carrying how much muscle mass you have. You receive all this information in easy to read graphs.

Hair Mineral Analysis

A hair sample is taken and analyzed to determine levels of all minerals and if they are in the ideal ratios.


We include iridology in all of our consultations as the information it is invaluable in telling us: the cause of your symptoms, what remedies will work best for your system and also what areas we need to support to prevent ill health in the future.

Food Intolerance Test

The Food Detective tests for IgG antibody reactions. The test is performed using a blood sample from a finger prick that is diluted then added to the testing tray. This test assesses your body’s immune response to 55 different foods.

All of the above tests are performed at the clinic, where necessary Kylie will also request blood profiles.

The aim of a preconception care program is to provide your body with the optimum nutrition/herbs and advice to help you achieve your goal of conception, prevent miscarriage and deliver a healthy baby. This is achieved by ensuring that you are educated on all matters to do with fertility including understanding when you’re most fertile.

Did you know that your chance of conception drops from 26% to 9% only one day after ovulation? Understanding your cycle is essential for conception!

You will also be provided with well researched evidence based findings on dietary and lifestyle changes that will increase fertility. Did you know that only one glass of wine or coffee in a ladies cycle is enough to reduce fertility by 50%?

If you are not quite ready to work one on one with Kylie at this stage the next best thing is to get started on your preconception care program by following her 28 day nutritional and lifestyle program the Fertility Formula.