Preconception planning consultations for a healthy pregnancy


Tonic natural health fertility consultations and programs


The preconception period is a minimum of four months. Maturity of an egg takes approximately 100 days whilst sperm may take up to 116 days. The health of the egg and sperm reflects the health/ toxicity of environment in which they grow. As it is the combination of both the egg and the sperm that will make up your child’s genetic blueprint it is essential that conception only occurs after a period of healthy eating, lifestyle and nutritional support.

We understand that you want to be pregnant yesterday!!! However there is too much evidence supporting the fact that the four months prior are critical not only in achieving conception but for delivering a healthy baby.

Preconception care reduces the likelihood of your child developing disease later on in life, improves fertility and reduces the risk of miscarriage…

To quote Professor Barker of Southampton University UK, author of Mothers, Babies and Health in Later Life, Churchill Livingstone, “Under-nutrition in foetal life has permanent, detrimental effects on the body’s metabolism, hormonal response, immune function and organ development and increases the susceptibility to disease in later life, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and respiratory illness.

Natural Preconception Care Program

Whenever possible Kylie would prefer to see both partners when you undertake your preconception program. As each couples/singles fertility journey is unique, your initial consultation will involve a comprehensive assessment of each partner’s health and fertility. Your initial appointment covers a wide area and will take 90 minutes. When you book your consultation you will be emailed a questionnaire, this questionnaire along with previous blood chemistry, sperm analysis and other related reports will be reviewed and further assessments may be requested.

Other areas which may be covered in your consultation important for optimum fertility include:

  • Menstrual cycle tracking and conception timing
  • Nutritional & herbal supplementation to improve fertility and ensure optimal sperm and egg health
  • Environmental and social toxins
  • Exercise and lifestyle
  • Thyroid function
  • Nervous system and adrenal function
  • Immune system
  • Weight management

Follow up appointments will be scheduled according to your needs, generally follow up appointments will be 30 – 45 minutes in duration and four to six weeks apart. Natural fertility programmes will vary dependent upon whether you are choosing:

  • Natural conception methods
  • Donor egg and/sperm
  • Assisted reproductive technologies like ICSI, GIFT or IVF

Nutritional Recommendations

Both partners need a strong nutritional base to work from. Studies have shown that the majority of Australians don’t receive their Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for many nutrients. Set up in 1941 RDI’s are the minimum levels of nutrients recommended to prevent diseases from gross nutritional deficiencies. Much of the research since then has shown that in order for our bodies to function at an optimal level we require a much higher nutrient intake. Not only is it important to consider what we take in, we must also consider factors that increase the excretion of nutrients.

The following factors require a much higher nutrient intake to compensate for increased losses and/or functional requirements:

  • History of contraceptive pill use
  • Medications
  • Poor immune function
  • Working long hours
  • Past pregnancy
  • Poor digestion
  • Disease or family disease history
  • Intake of alcohol, sugar, coffee, soft drinks, refined foods and bakery products
  • Exercise
  • Stress
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Poor Diet

Both you and your partner will need to eat a healthy, highly nutritious, whole-food diet to provide your bodies with the building blocks needed to produce healthy eggs and sperm in order to create a healthy baby.

Your preconception planning consultants will come up with a program to insure that you not only consume but also absorb all of the essential nutrients to promote conception of a healthy baby.

Commonly preconception care involves undertaking a detoxification program. Believe it or not detox programs are quite addictive, if you haven’t done one before you will be pleasantly surprised as to how great you can feel. Symptoms that you can expect to be improved after a detox program include: irregular bowel movements, stomach cramps/bloating, eczema, psoriasis, bad breath, hormonal imbalances, tiredness, insomnia, allergies and immune dysfunction.

Studies have proven that following a preconception program REALLY WORKS

  • The department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health followed 17,544 women for 8 years as they tried to become pregnant. During those eight years their dietary and lifestyle habits were observed, and the outcome of the study concluded that the majority of infertility cases due to ovulation disorders may be preventable through diet and lifestyle modification. 4 out of 5 couples previously diagnosed as infertile conceive naturally!
  • A study by Foresight, the Association for Pre-conceptual care in the UK demonstrated an astounding success rate of 81% of conceptions among couples previously diagnosed as infertile. Among those who conceived there were no miscarriages, no perinatal deaths, no malformations and no newborn admissions to intensive care. Women who participated were between 25 and 45 years of age and men between 25 and 59.
  • IVF success rate doubles when combined with natural fertility methods. A study by Foresight, the Association for Pre-conceptual care in the UK demonstrated IVF success rate nearly doubles when combined with natural fertility methods. The normal IVF success rate is 25%. IVF combined with the natural fertility approach causes the success rate of IVF to increase to 47%.