Kate Meredith naturopathic practitioner
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Kate Meredith

Kate is a very experienced Naturopath, who is registered with the Australian Traditional Medical Society, which mirrors the level of educational and professional standards of Australia’s registered medical practitioners. Registration is an assurance that your practitioner holds the highest educational qualifications and has agreed to abide by an ethical code of conduct and a clear disciplinary process.

One of Kate’s many skills is explaining how and why your body is out of balance. She investigates and treats the root causes behind the biochemical processes occurring within your body, rather than merely palliating the symptoms. Kate has done additional professional training in pathology interpretation and is able to request functional testing where needed.

Kate is also a specialist in biochemistry, with the ability to offer real time urine and saliva assessment in clinic, providing you with the information that is key to your gut health, energy and hormonal queries.

Kate is available to see clients both in clinic or online and is experienced in all areas of health care. Kate’s seven years of experience covers all areas health from hormones, fertility, mental health, fatigue, digestive problems, children’s health, skin conditions, weight loss to immune health. Kate has worked closely with our clinics Director Kylie Armstrong, as such has specialised in all areas of hormonal and fertility support.

Another area of special interest for Kate is in the area of food intolerances, gut health and children’s health including ADHD.

If you would like to know more information on how Kate can help with your specific condition, please book in a complimentary discovery call.

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