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Welcome to Tonic Natural Health, a holistic health clinic based in Adamstown (Newcastle) NSW, run by medical herbalist, nutritionist, naturopathic practitioner, and iridologist Kylie Armstrong (Bachelor in health science).

In my own practice as a naturopath and herbalist, I use iridology alongside differential diagnosis. I use a small iris torch to look deep into the fibres of the iris, or a close-up photo for online clients which helps me to see illnesses past and present and the best way to treat them.

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Overall colour of iris: This gives us a good understanding of the functioning of a person’s body and their areas of strength. For ideal function I will be looking for a clear mid- blue or a rich brown , unfortunately I rarely see these in clinic, except perhaps in some of my younger patients.
Structure of fibres: Depending on how tightly bound the fibres are can tell us a lot about the strength of a person’s constitution i.e. are the a tough resilient type person or more easily rattled with more sensitivities. There are strengths and weaknesses in all of the six different constitutions.
Lines and markings in the iris: Some lines and markings are so obvious that you don’t even need an iris torch to notice them. You have probably seen someone with a white ring around their iris. In iridology terms this is called a sodium ring, when I see this in the iris I will start assessing the health of their blood vessels, and also request a fasting cholesterol blood test.
You may of also noticed in your own or someone else’s eye , straight lines found around the iris, in complete circles or just patches of the iris, this will indicate tight constriction in function and structure. For example, if I was to see these lines over the area that represents a woman’s reproductive area, I would know that she experiences pain with her period, it also helps me to know what type of remedies would work best to relieve her of this pain.
If I see little white spots around the periphery of the iris, I will ask the patient about the functioning of their lymphatic system, exercise habits and counsel them on what it is that their body is missing.
Colours in the iris: When looking at specific organ function, I can tell if an organ or organ system is overworking, struggling or simply exhausted! These colours will help me to determine if an organ is over functioning or under functioning. I can tell for example if a persons recurrent urinary tract infections are coming from a chronic low grade kidney infection or inflammation in the ureters.

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