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Natural pregnancy care package
“Work towards maintaining good health and
achieve a positive pregnancy and childbirth experience”

Pregnancy is such a wonderful, natural state – a time of joy, anticipation and planning. However, it can be a daunting time, whether you have or have not experienced a pregnancy before.

Kylie has put together a natural pregnancy care package to guide and support you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

As with preconception care, pregnancy care also requires specific dietary, nutritional and lifestyle advice. Regular appointments throughout your pregnancy with both your doctor and Kylie will insure that you are giving your baby the best start in life. Nutritional intake is addressed considering two main factors:

  • You are laying down the structure for your child’s health and constitutional strength right through and into adulthood. From conception to the end of the first trimester your foetus increases 2.5 million times in mass. This growth process takes a vast amount of energy and nutrition which is why you may feel tired during this time, and also why you require a nutrient rich diet.
  • Your own bodily functions of growth and repair need to continue at an optimal rate during pregnancy. Not only do you need to function as you did before, but you are going through many changes and placing an increased strain on your bodily systems. Before giving birth you want your energy levels to be at their optimum, so that you will have energy to enjoy your new baby and new routine.

Having Kylie to support you throughout your pregnancy care in Australia ensures that you will feel in tune with your body and baby as you will have professional advice on: pregnancy safe herbal remedies, prevention of miscarriage and gestational diabetes, stress management, thyroid support, exercise, treatment for fluid retention, varicose veins, constipation and heartburn. Toward the end of your pregnancy you will also be educated on natural nutrition for breastfeeding and self-care.