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Diet Diary

Are you:

Struggling to work out what foods are triggering your symptoms?

Stumped as to why you aren’t losing weight?

Wondering why you are so tired?

Having food cravings?

Experiencing bowel issues?

The first step to getting this sorted is to keep a week’s diet diary. This makes it really easy for your health professional to assess what are your probable triggers.

Stress Test

Feeling tired, teary, anxious a little bit snappy?

Take this Quiz to determine if stress may be the underlying cause. It is a great idea to complete both this quiz and complete a food diary for a week before your initial consultation with Kylie.

Detox Manual

If you have been overindulging and feeling like you are not functioning on all cylinders, then maybe it is time for a cleanse AKA Detox. Detox is not a dirty word but instead a great way to reset your energy levels, immune and hormonal system. By removing the ‘liver loaders’ from your diet you will give your body a chance to achieve optimum health.

Low Histamine Diet

I recommend minimising high histamine foods if you are experiencing symptoms such as: headaches, migraines, sinus, hay fever, rashes, hives and brain fog. If you are sensitive to histamines, you will know because an antihistamine will reduce your symptoms. If this is you I recommend reducing some of the foods from this list and booking an appointment so we can improve your gut health and immune system to make you less reactive. This diet is recommended only for a short period of time whilst healing your gut with the right protocol for you.

Menstrual Symptoms Diary

Are you concerned about your menstrual symptoms? I can help you best if I have as much detailed information about your cycle as possible. Start on your path to healthy hormones today by keeping this diary and bring it along to your next appointment.
Mastering your health

Dirty Dozen

If you are not eating 100% organic, please try to at least purchase organic produce if they are on this dirty dozen list. The chemicals will penetrate below the flesh of these foods and won’t be able be washed or peeled off. “

Naturally Fertile

EB-001 | Naturally Fertile

“There is nothing like success stories to give you hope and the determination you may need to keep persevering or even to encourage investigating options you may not have yet considered.”

We have put together this e-book to:

  • Give women everywhere the best chance to conceive and deliver a healthy baby
  • Educate couples about fertility issues and hopefully move them a step closer to creating the family they desire
  • Educate future parents to ensure they are at optimum health prior to conception. This way you can give your baby the best start in life, pass on the healthiest genes and promote a healthy life.

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