10 Epic Smoothie Bowls ebook

10 Epic Smoothie Bowls

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10 Epic Smoothie Bowls ebook
“Jump start your morning with this free eBook containing recipes for 10 delicious smoothies and much more!”

Every wellness warrior out there, turn on your blenders! These “smoothie bowls” offer the best of both worlds with the convenience, taste, and texture of a smoothie while filling the stomach and giving you something to dig into. Not only does the smoothie provide convenience, it is undoubtedly a healthy replacement to a regular meal. Beyond that, making a smoothie bowl is as easy as turning on the blender.

Mould your meal into a piece of art by pouring the thick creamy smoothie into your favorite bowl and lavish it with inspiring toppings. Your bowl is loaded with nutrients when the right ingredients are chosen.

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Breakfast in literal terms means to “‘break the fast.” It provides a fuel to the brain and the body after an overnight fast. However, a cup of coffee is not sufficient. No matter what time you have breakfast it is important to break your fast with something that is easily digested and full of nutrients.

A healthy breakfast gives your body an opportunity to consume essential vitamins and minerals that are required for the proper growth and maintenance of the body, strength of bones and immune system, and proper carbohydrate and protein metabolism. Those with the habit of having a good start to the day are more likely to not eat excess fats.

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A smoothie bowl provides you all the basic nutrients that are required to start a good day. A balanced one consists of greens, fruits, proteins and healthy fats. Being rich in fiber and vitamins, a smoothie bowl is not only easy to make but it also gives the important nutrients needed by the body, which are often missed when skipping breakfast. It keeps your stomach filled for a long time.

There is no doubt a healthy start to the day is of utmost importance even if you are practicing intermittent fasting get in the practice of including a smoothie bowl in your day for a nutrient dense and delicious meal.

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