Initial Consultation

At your first consultation, we aim to identify the causative factors of your health concerns. Prior to your initial consultation we ask that you complete your online health questionnaire so that we may assess your case prior to meeting you. If you have any recent blood tests or specialist reports it is recommended that you bring a copy of these along. Sometimes, even if your blood results are all within ‘normal range’ this doesn’t actually imply that you are at your optimal health. Blood tests provide great insights and assist us in putting together the jig-saw puzzle of your health concerns.

In your first appointment, a thorough health history will be taken. Your diet, lifestyle, digestive function, stress levels, sleep patterns, environment, immune health and energy levels will all be analysed to determine the best treatment plan for you to follow. Often this will include dietary and lifestyle adjustments along with a herbal remedy or nutritional support.

If needed further testing may be ordered to be reviewed at your next appointment. Don’t forget to complete a Client Questionnaire prior to your initial appointment.

Follow-up Consultation

Your follow up appointment will usually be between two to four weeks after your first visit with us, dependant on the complexity of your health concerns. In this appointment we will gather more information and assess how your body has responded to the treatment so far. We will delve deeper into your health condition to allow us to perfect the right treatment plan for your individual health needs.

At Tonic we suggest that just as you book your car in for regular tune ups and services because you want to get the best performance out of it, so too you come to our clinic for a human tune-up! Why then would you not do the same for your own body. You can always buy a new car however your body is the only place you have to live so why not take the best possible care of it.

Once we have you feeling fabulous, you may choose to continue with maintenance care. We recommend that you book a check-up once every four months to ensure that you are on track. We review all areas of your health i.e. diet, lifestyle etc. We also use iridology to help us to do our best work with your preventative health care.

We have a wide range of tests available however we only encourage testing if we see it as being of benefit to you and changing the outcome of your treatment plan.