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A 4-week program to improve your fertility
Are you planning to have a baby?
Have you struggled to fall pregnant?
Do you want to minimise the risk of miscarriage?
Are you planning an IVF/ICSI cycle?
Are you overweight or suffering from PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycle, recurrent miscarriage?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I am so happy that you found your way to this page. It is my passion to do all I can to assist you to achieve your goal of having a healthy baby.

Everything that 20 years of working with prospective parents has taught me

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Boost your chances of achieving a healthy baby

PCOS management

For singles or couples

IVF Support
“Improve your chances of achieving
a healthy baby if you get super healthy”

Uundergoing IVF, GIFT, ICSI or IUI? Improve your chances of achieving a healthy baby by getting super healthy before undergoing any assisted reproductive therapies (ART). Studies in the UK show that IVF success rates more than doubled when couples have followed a preconception program.

Issues with male infertility

Sperm are more vulnerable than eggs

Male Infertility Treatment
“75% of couples having trouble conceiving
is due to infertility in males.”

Preconception health care should take place for four months. Put simply it takes approximately 100 days for eggs to mature and 116 days for sperm to generate. During this time they are vulnerable to toxicity/nutrient deficiency, trauma, illness and radiation so health of both parents for the 4 months prior to conception is extremely important. It should be noted that sperm are more vulnerable than eggs as they are smaller and more exposed, and are developed within the present environment.

Issues with male infertility
tonic natural health fertility consultations and programs Preconception Care

4 Months Minimum

Preconception Care

The preconception period is a minimum of four months. Maturity of an egg takes approximately 100 days whilst sperm may take up to 116 days. The health of the egg and sperm reflects the health/ toxicity of environment in which they grow. As it is the combination of both the egg and the sperm that will make up your child’s genetic blueprint it is essential that conception only occurs after a period of healthy eating, lifestyle and nutritional support.

Weight loss and fertility

Losing weight supporting fertility

Achieve Your Healthy Weight

“Improve your chances of achieving a healthy baby
by getting back to your health weight”

There is much scientific evidence that being obese does impact upon both male and female fertility. Thus it is recommended that you achieve your healthy weight prior to trying to conceive.

Weight loss and fertility
Tonic natural health detox program

Clean your body and soul

Detox Program
“Detoxification is a commonly used”
but do you need to detox?

Do you suffer from fatigue, recurrent infections, skin problems, bloating/flatulence/ irregular bowel habits, hormonal imbalances, anxiety/mood swings, muscle aching/weakness, allergies, excess weight or poor concentration? If yes, read on.

PCOS management

Affects approximately 5% to 10% of women of reproductive age

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

“PCOS is one of the most common
causes of an ovulatory infertility”

PCOS manifests in multiple cysts covering the ovaries, filled with immature follicles (eggs) accompanied by hormonal abnormalities and irregularities in ovulation and menstruation.

PCOS management
Detox for fertility and healthy baby

Have you experienced a miscarriage?

It is wise to see your doctor or fertility specialist
“Do not blame yourself for the loss of your baby
You are not responsible for the miscarriage”

Once the fetus starts to miscarry, no one can really do anything to stop it. Miscarriages occur because of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus which have been there since the time of conception or due to hormonal imbalances or other factors. You had nothing to do with the chromosomal abnormality in your baby.

Tonic natural health fertility consultations and programs

Specific dietary, nutritional and lifestyle advice

Natural Pregnancy Care

“Work towards maintaining good health and
achieve a positive pregnancy and childbirth experience”

Pregnancy is such a wonderful, natural state – a time of joy, anticipation and planning. However, it can be a daunting time, whether you have or have not experienced a pregnancy before.

Tonic natural health fertility consultations and programs