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Welcome to Tonic Natural Health, a naturopathic health clinic based in Adamstown (Newcastle) NSW. Run by medical herbalist, naturopathic practitioner, nutritionist, and iridologist Kylie Armstrong (Bachelor in health science). With experienced clinical Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists, Cath Minter, Kate Meredith and Mish Keats the team at Tonic is committed to providing you with a collaborative approach to offer you the best in complementary medicine care. We offer a range of individual health consultations (in Newcastle or online), online naturopathic programs, and practitioner quality herbal medicines available in our online store.
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Looking for Naturopath in Newcastle - Kylie Armstrong naturopathic practitioner
We offer two naturopathic programs: The Gut Healing Formula and the Fertility Formula. Start at our Newcastle clinic or online.
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Providing support, advice, education and guidance in order to naturally achieve the best health possible for you and your family.
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Practitioner quality herbal medicine delivered to you or picked up locally in Adamstown (Newcastle) NSW.
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Kick start your health at our Newcastle clinic or online with one of our naturopathic programs
Gut healing naturopathic program Newcastle
Needing to shift digestive issues, extra weight, chronic health issues, lethargy, poor sleep, belly bloat, depression, and moodiness? This 4-week naturopathic program, which you can start at our Newcastle clinic or online straight away, might be the solution for you.
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Fertility formula naturopathic program Newcastle
This naturopathic fertility program will benefit you if you are planning to have a baby and/or struggled to fall pregnant. Do you want to minimise the risk of miscarriage? Are you planning an IVF/ICSI cycle? It is my passion to do all I can to assist you to achieve your goal of having a healthy baby.
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Herbal hormone reset naturopathic program
A comprehensive 12 week naturopathic program with Kylie includes 6 consultations and all the materials and support you require to help you treat hormonal imbalance and live the life you absolutely deserve.
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Cath is an Australian-based master’s degree qualified Medical Herbalist with a focus in Integrative Oncology Cancer Care.
Cath holds qualifications and clinical experience in both traditional and evidence-based western herbal medicine, naturopathy, nutrition and post graduate education in Integrative Oncology. Her focus with her oncology patients is to lessen treatment side-effects, enhance the effectiveness of patient’s chemotherapy and radiotherapy where possible, support recovery from surgery and optimise overall health.
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Cath works closely with her associate Allie Kalimeris, to offer the carers of her patients the support they need. Helping their carers to achieve their best health including emotional support throughout their cancer support journey. Cath’s aim is always for collaboration, openness, and good communication with ALL of her patients medical and allied health. This collaboration is essential for best patient care.
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Kate is a very experienced Naturopath, who is registered with the Australian Traditional Medical Society
One of Kate’s many skills is explaining how and why your body is out of balance. She investigates and treats the root causes behind the biochemical processes occurring within your body, rather than merely palliating the symptoms. Kate has done additional professional training in pathology interpretation and is able to request functional testing where needed.
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Kate is also a specialist in biochemistry, with the ability to offer real time urine and saliva assessment in clinic, providing you with the information that is key to your gut health, energy and hormonal queries. Kate is available to see clients both in clinic or online and is experienced in all areas of health care. Kate also specialises is in the area of food intolerances, gut health and children’s health including ADHD.
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Mish has been working as a Naturopath for over 20 years!
During this time, she has helped many couples with fertility concerns to become parents and continues to work in this very specialized area. Mish also enjoys helping people with a broad range of health concerns, including anything to do with the menstrual cycle/ hormone related: menopause, hair loss, PCOS, endometriosis, fatigue
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Mish is continually updating her knowledge to include evidence-based research and pathology diagnostics, with both mentoring and continuing study. Six years of mentoring with some of Australia’s most recognised clinical naturopathic experts is a testament to her commitment and drive to provide an exceptional level of care for her clients.
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Achieve the best health possible thanks to Kylie’s naturopathic consultations
Kylie is an experienced and respected clinician based in Adamstown, Newcastle NSW providing support, and advice in order to achieve the best health possible for you and your family. To ensure the best outcomes for her Newcastle but also patients from other parts of Australia, Kylie keeps up to date with the latest in scientific research. Book a consultation with Kylie today and benefit from the naturopathic holistic approach to your health.
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As well as face-to-face and online naturopathic consultations, Kylie enjoys corporate and public speaking events. She is a dynamic and experienced presenter, who can successfully educate 8 people in a boardroom or 800 people at a Health Expo. Kylie’s talks are centred on weight management, fitness, eating well, thinking critically, finding sufficient meaning and purpose in life, acting ethically and enjoying work and leisure pursuits.
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Kylie frequently supports couples to successfully conceive their children. She feels fortunate to be able to guide and assist women throughout their pregnancy and to continue to provide care for the health of the little one when he or she arrives. Kylie’s care is holistic and comprehensive by nature and she feels very privileged to be able to share life’s journeys with her (not only) Newcastle patients and their families.
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Armed with abundant knowledge, scientific research and a desire to help others see their own light and beauty, Kylie empowers and inspires people to take charge of their health and happiness. Kylie is the holder of these qualifications: Bach. Health Science, Diploma of Herbal Medicine, Diploma of Medical Science, Diploma of Iridology, Diploma of Massage. All Kylie's knowledge from studies and her experience is used to improve the lives of her patients.
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Authentic 5.0* Google / 5.0* Facebook reviews

Kate H

Google review

“I simply cannot recommend Kylie Armstrong highly enough – she has literally saved my life! Several years ago I was diagnosed with a “terminal” illness and was given a prognosis of a relatively short time to live.”


Stacey W

Facebook review

“Kylie has been incredible at giving honest professional advice for women’s health and fertility. I’m so grateful for her advice because I now have my little girl which I believe is in part due to her.”


Jenna L

Facebook review

“Kylie has so much knowledge. She has helped me greatly with wonderful and noticeable detoxes, fertility health and the gut health of my daughter. She is such a kind and caring person and puts you in the right path for excellent health.”


Brenda G

Facebook review

“Kylie makes you feel totally at ease. There is no judgement just acceptance of where you are in that moment. She has helped me so much and I am grateful for her continued healing. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tonic to anyone.”


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