Regrow Hair Clinics Conditioner For Women (Strengthen & Moisturises) 300ml

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THIS IS FOR: Women who have a no-nonsense attitude and take the bull by the horns! If your hair is thinning or is just not as luscious and amazing as it used to be, this is the take-control conditioner you’ve been looking for! Also great for women that want what the label promises – ridiculously shiny, healthy and vibrant hair.
Other than making your hair over the top glossy and full of life, Regrow Conditioner may repair damage, lock in moisture and persuade hair to regrow. Basically, by using a lot of really amazing proven natural ingredients, Regrow may stimulate hair growth and reverse the effect of hair loss. It does this by increasing blood circulation to the scalp and blocking DHT (dihydrotestosterone) from shrinking your hair follicles.


You may feel some tingles in your scalp. This is your circulation diving into action! You won’t turn into Rapunzel overnight. These things take time, and everyone is different. You should expect to begin to see results within 3 to 6 months.

1 review for Regrow Hair Clinics Conditioner For Women (Strengthen & Moisturises) 300ml

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