How to Detox for Health

How to Detox for Health

Detoxification remains one of the core concepts of naturopathic medicine. At a clinical level, effective detoxification is far more than a focus on the liver detoxification pathways. The skin, lymphatics, bowel, kidneys and respiration are all other essential systems to support during a truly holistic detoxification program, yet often overlooked and forgotten.

In my clinic, I recommend an easy 3-week detoxification program that is very gentle, yet very effective. It is not just a detox diet but a complete program that will enhance your vitality and well-being. During the 3-week program you will learn how to reduce your toxicity levels through diet, gentle exercise and other simple techniques.

You can eat 3 healthy meals per day and snacks, choosing from a wide variety of healthy foods and the choices increase with each week of the program. The program includes a few herbal and nutritional supplements that enhance the body’s detoxification pathways and improve health and vitality.

On completion of the program you will feel and look fantastic!

The combined effect of stimulating the body’s detoxification systems results in a wonderful cleansing of the body, allowing your cells to renew and start performing at maximum capacity. Detoxing now helps to avoid health problems in the future.

Will you benefit from this program?

Most people benefit from doing a detox once or twice a year (twice is ideal). The signs and symptoms of toxic overload are many and varied. Symptoms such as lack of energy, poor sleep and reduced capacity to concentrate are often accepted as an inevitable part of a stressful life. Although stress often plays a role in the development of these symptoms, detoxing will improve them greatly. A toxic overload in the body greatly increases stress, therefore by reducing toxicity you automatically reduce stress and improve health.

Many female reproductive problems such as endometriosis, fibroids and PMS can result from poor clearance of hormones from the body. Detoxification alone will often bring about a significant improvement in these conditions. It is ideal to do a detox as part of pre-conception care so that you are as healthy as possible when pregnancy occurs. Pre-conception health is equally important for both prospective parents.

Weight loss is greatly improved by reducing the toxic load. It is good to do a detox prior to embarking on a weight loss program, particularly if you have a lot of weight to lose. You will begin to lose weight whilst doing the Detox for Health Program and it will ensure that the detoxification systems are operating at full potential.

Detoxing speeds up weight loss!

During the process of weight loss, as fat is burned for energy, toxins are released and it is important that these be eliminated efficiently from the body. A buildup of these toxins will significantly slow or halt weight loss.

Have you ever been losing weight and then the weight loss suddenly stops for no apparent reason and no matter what you do it refuses to budge? This phenomenon is usually the result of a buildup of toxins and is easily corrected by undertaking a well-designed detox program.
You will be surprised at how easy it is and how fabulous you feel at the end.

When I detox, my therapeutic aim is to cleanse out my liver and get my fitness back to peak condition. I am taking the following herbs, nutrients and superfoods:

1. Probiotics – essential to rebalance the gut flora when detoxing
2. Herbs – turmeric (antioxidant), St Mary’s thistle (liver tonic), yellowdock, slippery elm (soothes and heals the whole digestive system and Schizandra (liver tonic)
3. Acai berry – richest anti-oxidant berry in the world
4. Green smoothies! With lots of mint and ginger
5. Aloe Vera juice – soothes the entire digestive system, great if constipation is an issue
6. Magnesium after the gym
7. Acetyl Carnitine before the gym
8. Coconut water – daily for hydration
9. Fish oils – for cognitive function, hormonal balance and anti-inflammatory action

As you can see I do practice what I preach and feel fantastic for it! I encourage you to join me and do a 3-week cleanse at least twice per year so that you can have abundant energy, balanced hormones and immune system.

The above covers the internal workings of the body, but don’t forget your mind. Regular exercise and mediation will keep your mind sharp and your stress hormones under control!

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