When the party’s over…

When the party’s over…

It makes me ridiculously happy to see so many of my clients having achieved their health goals this year. Coming into the festive season, with extra party foods and drinks, can though undo some of the good work that has been done on improving gut health. Higher alcohol, gluten and sugar intake can all lead to digestive upsets, immune dysfunction, mood imbalances and lower energy levels.

We’re only human and the temptation of your favourite treats over the holiday period, not to mention a glass (or two or four) of bubbles to bring in the new year, can be hard to resist.

Even without overindulgence of food and alcohol, the onset of leisure sickness is a common condition experienced by people whose body doesn’t adapt well to a non-working situation. This is unfortunately a common illness resulting in fatigue, nausea, headache/migraine and cold and flu like symptoms. School teachers are well known to be frequently affected by this phenomenon.

I really want you to enjoy your Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, so here are some tips to help get you through the festive season and recharge over the holidays.

I heard a saying recently that opening a bottle of wine is like opening a bottle of depression and anxiety – a particularly negative statement, I know, but true for so many! This happens because alcohol burns up B group vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

As you’re aware, alcohol is also a diuretic, so drinking water in between each alcoholic drink or topping up your wine glass with mineral water, is a great way to stay hydrated.

Alcohol also decreases your immune health by killing off your good bacteria!

How to feel fabulous during and after the party is over!

To replace the vitamin B that alcohol can reduce, I recommend Methylated B, this will be good for; improving your mood, increasing your energy and healing your nervous system. Note that the holiday period is the best time to heal your worn-out adrenals and nervous system, when your stress and therefore cortisol levels are low.

My favourite herbal remedies for supporting adrenals and the exhaustion that comes with overworked adrenals are; Withania, Rehmannia and Licorice. These are available in either liquid or tablet form.

For post party hydration check out my favourite Green Smoothie remedy. Green Smoothie Download. Be sure to add extra mint and ginger as this will help settle your stomach, and perhaps add a probiotic to put back what the alcohol and sugary foods has killed off.

If you’re tempted to indulge in foods that aren’t apart of your normal whole food diet, perhaps have a shot of ginger tea or apple cider vinegar to get your digestive enzymes working for you. Please remember apple cider vinegar is harsh on the enamel of your teeth so always dilute with water and don’t swish before you swallow.

If you get to mid-January and are still feeling a little worse for wear, let me know and I can guide you through a quick yet comprehensive cleanse to have you starting the New Year on top!

Enjoy your well-earned break.

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