Heavy Metal Test

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For gut health, fertility and hormonal imbalances, this test is a must!

We also think of testing for heavy metals for:

* Abdominal pain
* Chills or imbalance in temperature
* Diarrhoea/constipation
* Muscle weakness/joint pain
* Brain fog/fatigue
* Nausea/vomiting
* Headaches

Common causes of heavy metal build up in the body:

  • Foods: Unfortunately, all fish, crustaceans have some level of mercury. This is why it is essential to ALWAYS purchase quality fish oils, such as any that we prescribe at Tonic, these are all guaranteed to be heavy metal free. Another common food source is brown rice, which commonly contains Arsenic.

Eggs:  a study revealed that the heavy metals in eggs from free-range hens are richer in essential elements such as Mn, Fe, and Zn, while poultry farm eggs contain a higher contribution of Cr, Cd, As, and Pb.       https://www.hindawi.com/journals/jfq/2021/6615289/

  • Medicines
  • Improperly coated food containers, plates, and cookware
  • Ingestion of lead-based paints
  • Ingestion of insecticides, herbicides, and pesticides
  • Industrial exposure
  • Air or water pollution
Our in clinic Heavy Metal Test can also be used to determine the environmental sources of the contamination in aqueous solutions such as tap water. Since all Heavy Metal ions are water soluble, solids like food items, porcelain dishes, dust samples from carpets, wall paints and wallpaper etc. can be tested for Heavy Metals after soaking them in distilled water. In addition to being an initial analytical screening tool for urine, saliva, perspiration and blood, the test is also useful for finding the causes of contamination in your environment.

Please provide us with your receipt of purchase along with 2ml of your first morning urine sample.

Or if you prefer, we can test a hair sample. To do this: from the nape of your hairline take a small clipping (around 12 strands), this hair sample should be cut from as close to the scalp as possible with sterilised scissors.

Samples may be posted, please post via express post on a Monday or Tuesday, to ensure fast delivery.
Alternatively please call our receptionist to organise a suitable day & time drop your sample to the clinic.

Please provide samples in a sterile specimen collection container, available from any pharmacy or your practitioner.


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