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Gut healing formula

Gut Healing Formula

The Gut Healing Formula, will benefit you if you are needing to shift:

digestive issues, extra weight, chronic health issues, lethargy, poor sleep, belly bloat, depression and moodiness.

The gut healing formula is a four-week program that is delivered to your inbox so you can get started immediately.

You will receive:

  • Information covering how food intolerances, lifestyle, stress, medication and genetics are affecting your gut health.
  • Mouthwatering recipes, including food and drinks that are nourishing, satisfying and toxin-free!
  • Meal plans to make gut rebuilding easy as 1-2-3.
  • Shopping lists to make trips to the supermarket 100% hassle-free!

This program has been put together by Kylie Armstrong, Medical Herbalist to help you reset your health and live your healthiest life.

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immune tonic image 200ml 1

Herbal Immune Tonic

Perfect tonic to have on the shelf. Take preventatively if exposed to viruses, bacteria or acutely as needed.

*** Please specify when ordering if you require a pregnancy or breastfeeding safe tonic. ***

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Immune Support Bundle (10% off)

Tonic has put together a discounted Immune Support Bundle to build immunity against viruses and bacteria.

A 200ml Herbal Immune Support tonic and Tonic’s Immune + is a high potency combination to improve your immune health. N.B. Due to its popularity, we re currently sold out of Immune+, we have replaced this product with Bio Medica Imrex a combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs to support your immune system.

Kylie recommends adding a Vitamin C to this mix as Vitamin C is the most researched supplement to fight the Coronavirus. Try our C-Ultrascorb or if you prefer a powder, C-Max oral powder.

*** Please specify when ordering if you require a pregnancy or breastfeeding safe tonic. ***

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NAC 60 Caps

NAC 60 Capsules 

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is a stable form of the non-essential amino acid L-Cysteine.

May support:

Improved fertility by promoting ovulation

Detoxification with kidney and liver support

Mood support and addictive behaviours

Production of glutathione (a powerful antioxidant)

Respiratory conditions by reducing mucous production

Molybdenum and selenium are essential trace minerals that facilitate the production of several important enzymes.

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Tonic Calming Tea

Tonic Calming Tea

This deliciously sweet herbal tea is calming on the nervous system and nourishing for the adrenals whilst offering your liver and skin support as well.

All our herbal medicinal teas are developed for therapeutic efficacy.

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Tonic Coenzyme Q10+

Tonic Coenzyme Q10+

Tonic Coenzyme Q10+ 30 Softgels

I chose to combine both PQQ, co enzyme Q 10 and vitamin E together as research shows that they both may:

Increase mitochondrial density to give you more energy, reduce inflammation, boost metabolism, combat oxidative stress, improve fertility, improve learning and memory ability, protect your heart

PQQ and CoQ10 are synergistic nutrients which modulate cellular signalling pathways, neutralise reactive oxygen species and support optimal mitochondrial function.

Mitochondrial dysfunction plays a role in an ever-increasing range of conditions and is thought to play an important role in age related decline. Thus why I take this supplement every day, we all want to slow down the aging process, right?

CoQ10 is well established as a mitochondrial enhancer, with proven benefit in the treatment and prevention of numerous cardiovascular and neurological conditions.

CoQ10 increases the efficiency of mitochondrial ATP production and cellular respiration.

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Deep Sleep Tea - nervous system, relax, peaceful

Tonic Deep Sleep Tea

Tonic Deep Sleep Tea 

Relax and unwind at the end of a busy day and enjoy the ritual of having a delicious cup of tea whilst calming your nervous system to promote a peaceful sleep.

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Tonic Detox Bundle

Tonic Detox Bundle

Tonic Detox Bundle:

Includes Vege detox, NAC, detox tea, Probiotic 50

No matter what area of your health you are wanting to improve starting off with a clean slate by detoxing your body proves to be the best first step.

Get your health back on track with this awesome combination:

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Detox Tea Liver stomach health

Tonic Detox Tea

Tonic Detox Tea 

Support your liver, stomach, gall, kidney and blood to enhance digestion and detoxification.

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Tonic Digestive Enzymes

Tonic Digestive Enzymes

Tonic’s digestive enzymes are a high potency proprietary enzyme blend. Our enzyme formulae is super strong to help you to be able to enjoy your food again.

You will find these enzymes helpful if you suffer from intolerances, indigestion, bloating, pain, wind after eating.

The aspergillus oryzae extracts are rich in prolyl endopeptidases as well as dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) – a multifunctional serine protease which targets proline containing peptides, such as those found in both gliadin and casein, both proteolytically resistant proteins.

HEALTH TIP: If you are struggling with your gut health and experiencing bloating, pain, intolerances, digestive upsets, indigestion and gas then digestive enzymes are highly recommended. You would also be wise to improve your gut health and complete our four-week gut healing program.(link to program)

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Tonic Female Fertility Pack

Tonic Female Fertility Pack

Tonic Female Fertility:

Includes Mygen preconception formula, NAC, Vege detox, Zinc & C+, Ultra Clean Fish Oils, Co Q10 +

The health of your future baby is dependent on how you treat and support your body for the three months prior to conception this is why we have put together this combination for you.

  • The preconception multi will promote optimal egg health with vitamins (including the most available form of folate), minerals and antioxidants, whilst the NAC will provide antioxidant and detoxification support.
  • Co enzyme Q10 is the most highly recommended supplement by fertility specialists for improving the quality of eggs.
  • Vege detox will help to balance your hormones by clearing out extra oestrogen.

Remember that male health is equally as important as female health when it comes to making a healthy pregnancy and then consequently a healthy baby.


Research shows that fish oils, zinc and vitamin C all benefit egg health.

Of course, you will want to ensure that you are taking the most available  and clean forms of supplements. You can trust that these are the best pick of what you need to ensure that you are providing the best start for your baby.


Normal Price $238

Bundle price $195

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Gut health bundle Copy 1

Tonic Gut Health Bundle

Tonic Gut Health Bundle:

Digestive Enzymes, Detox Tea, Probiotic 50

If you want to feel well then, your gut health is an absolute priority. This combination of gut support supplements will help to promote better gut health and dramatically improve not only your digestive health but also your mental and immune health. N.B. 70% of your immune system starts in your gut.

Digestive enzymes will help you to break down your food better, reducing bloating, pain and gas.

Normal price  $ 108

Bundle price   $ 88

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Tonic Immune +

Tonic Immune +

Cold and sinus support

Immune + is an advanced cold, sinus and hay fever relief formula.

This high potency formula can help reduce the severity and duration of colds, improve your immune health, clear your sinuses and can assist in the management of upper respiratory tract infections. As these ingredients can be very powerful, the tablet is coated to promote digestion in the intestine, not in the stomach.

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Imune health bundle immune support fight infection

Tonic Immune Health Bundle

Tonic Immune Health Bundle

Includes Probiotic 50, Immune +, Zinc & C +

For a healthy immune system, you need a healthy gut so daily probiotic supplementation with over 50 billion bacteria is the best way to support gut health.

Combining  Zinc and C powder with our immune plus ensures that you have the best-known minerals, vitamins and herbs to support your immune system and fight infection.

Normal Price $119

Bundle Price $95

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Tonic Iodine 20ml

Tonic Iodine 20ml 25 Serves 

May support , healthy thyroid, energy, breast health, fertility, pregnancy.

Iodine Plus is a standardised nano-colloidal nascent iodine. It is produced with a transformative bio-elemental matrix and, with a glycerin base, is designed to be more gentle on your digestive system than iodine supplements that contain alcohol.

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