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Bio-Practica Matrix PHASE Detox Powder 200g

$72.00 incl. GST

Bio-Practica Matrix PHASE Detox Powder 200g


Phytonutrient-rich Green Detoxification Drink

MatrixPHASE DETOX is an advanced and comprehensive blend of phyto-nutrients, superfoods and natural ingredients designed to supply nutritional support during detoxification diets or programs, or to be taken daily as an ideal source of plant based-nutrients.

MatrixPHASE DETOX contains our unique ‘Green Matrix Blend’ including broccoli sprouts, organic barley grass, organic chlorella (cracked), coriander and spirulina.

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PEA 50g

BioMedica Bio Matrix 180g Powder

$44.00 incl. GST

Supports the structure and function of the gastrointestinal mucosa and matrix

Suitable for vegans or those with a shellfish allergy

Comprehensive nutrient formula containing vegan bio-fermented N-acetyl glucosamine with the amino acids glutamine, threonine, proline and serine

Delicious natural superfood taste, to encourage consistent patient compliance

Environmentally friendly and highly sustainable

Powdered formula allows for flexible prescribing


Naturally flavoured with beetroot and sustainably sourced superfood berry extracts including; maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis), mangosteen (Garcinica mangostana), raspberry (Rubus ideaus), strawberry (Fragaria chiloensis), pomegranate (Punica granatum), acai (Euterpe oleraocea), goji (Lycium barbarum) and natural vanilla flavouring

Naturally sweetened with glycine and thaumatin; a naturally sweet protein extracted from Thaumatococcus danielli

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PEA 50g

BioMedica EnteroCare

$47.00 incl. GST

EnteroCare is a unique formulation combining prebiotics, probiotics, glutamine and slippery elm


A unique formula with a combination of prebiotics, probiotics, glutamine and slippery elm

One serve yields 2.5g glutamine

Powdered formula allows for flexible prescribing and ideal for individuals who cannot swallow capsules or tablets

Can be mixed into water, yogurt or sprinkled on to room temperature foods

Low excipient, vegan formulation

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PEA 50g

BioMedica GI-Restore

$33.00 incl. GST

A prebiotic fibre blend that contributes to regular laxation


  • A unique, professionally balanced blend of prebiotic fibres
  • Simple, excipient-free formula
  • Highly soluble, flavourless and odourless powder
  • Gluten free and vegan
  • Well tolerated and formulated for daily use
  • Both Sunfiber® and Fibregum B™ are certified low FODMAP by Monash University
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PEA 50g

BioMedica PeptEase 60 capsules

$45.00 incl. GST
  • Demulcent for soothing irritated tissues
  • Relieves symptoms of dyspepsia and heartburn in adults
  • Soothing to gastro-intestinal tract mucous membranes
  • Supports healthy immune system function
  • Supports wound healing
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ChewableGinger 150x278 1

Protected: Chewable Ginger

$16.45 incl. GST
Chewable Ginger 
Relief of Dyspepsia
60 Chewable tablets ( SKU: AU9735 )

Chewable Ginger is a great-tasting chewable tablet providing highly concentrated active constituents in a convenient, two-tablet daily dose. Ginger relieves symptoms of nausea, dyspepsia and digestive disturbances.

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Gut Healing Tonic

Gut Healing Tonic

$33.00$109.00 incl. GST

This combination of herbs will help to improve your gut health by increasing your digestive enzymes, reducing the over reaction of the immune system and healing the mucous membrane in your gut.

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LifeStream Biogenic Aloe Vera Juice 2L media 01

LifeStream Biogenic Aloe Vera Juice 2L

$48.00 incl. GST

LifeStream Biogenic Aloe Vera Juice 2L

Biogenic® Aloe Vera is a digestive tonic that soothes the entire digestive system. The pure ‘inner leaf’ gel of the Aloe Vera plant contains plant phytonutrients and other active components such as polysaccharides, essential for cell growth and renewal.

Biogenic® Aloe Vera is sourced from 100% pure ‘inner leaf’ gel with no added flavours or sweeteners. The Aloe Vera is organically grown in mineral-rich volcanic soil, sustainably harvested by hand and then gently processed using the patented NaturLock™ system. This carefully locks in and protects the naturally soothing properties of the Aloe Vera plant, preserving the full range of nutrients to ensure they remain the way nature intended.

  • May support gastrointestinal health for smooth and natural digestion.
  • May calm bloating and digestive discomfort.
  • A prebiotic that may support the growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • May provide antioxidant action to protect cells against oxidative damage.
  • May provide immune system support.


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Metagenics Infla-Mood 60 caps – Replaces CurcuForte

$74.00 incl. GST

Ingredients in Infla-Mood have been shown to or may:

  • Support healthy mood balance.1
  • Exert neuroprotective activity2and may modulate neurotransmitters.3, 4
  • Contains researched strength Saffron and high dose BCM-95 Turmeric.
  • BCM-95 is an enhanced absorption turmeric extract providing volatile oils and the full spectrum of curcuminoids.5
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NAC cleanse gut healing detox fertility liver health trans

NAC 60 Caps

$26.00 incl. GST

NAC 60 Capsules 

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is a stable form of the non-essential amino acid L-Cysteine.

May support:

Improved fertility by promoting ovulation

Detoxification with kidney and liver support

Mood support and addictive behaviours

Production of glutathione (a powerful antioxidant)

Respiratory conditions by reducing mucous production

Molybdenum and selenium are essential trace minerals that facilitate the production of several important enzymes.

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Probioticdairy free shelf stable gut health skin health eczema bloating diarrhoea constipation food intolerances 50 million 10 strains of probiotics immune health womens health trans

Probiotic 50

$46.00 incl. GST

Tonic Probiotic 50 –  30 caps 

Tonic’s multi-strain probiotic may support:

Immune health, gut health, healthy mood, women’s health, skin health and digestion

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Digestive Enzyme bloating pain wind gut health trans

Tonic Digestive Enzymes

$44.00 incl. GST

Tonic’s digestive enzymes are a high potency proprietary enzyme blend. Our enzyme formulae is super strong to help you to be able to enjoy your food again.

You will find these enzymes helpful if you suffer from intolerances, indigestion, bloating, pain, wind after eating.

The aspergillus oryzae extracts are rich in prolyl endopeptidases as well as dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) – a multifunctional serine protease which targets proline containing peptides, such as those found in both gliadin and casein, both proteolytically resistant proteins.

HEALTH TIP: If you are struggling with your gut health and experiencing bloating, pain, intolerances, digestive upsets, indigestion and gas then digestive enzymes are highly recommended. You would also be wise to improve your gut health and complete our four-week gut healing program.(link to program)

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The Womans Missed t the 2

Tonic Female Fertility Pack

$220.00 incl. GST

Tonic Female Fertility:

Includes Orthoplex Pure Natal, NAC, Vege detox, Meta Zinc & Vitamin C+, Ultra Clean Fish Oils, Co Q10 +

The health of your future baby is dependent on how you treat and support your body for the three months prior to conception this is why we have put together this combination for you.

  • The preconception multi will promote optimal egg health with vitamins (including the most available form of folate), minerals and antioxidants, whilst the NAC will provide antioxidant and detoxification support.
  • Co enzyme Q10 is the most highly recommended supplement by fertility specialists for improving the quality of eggs.
  • Vege detox will help to balance your hormones by clearing out extra oestrogen.

Remember that male health is equally as important as female health when it comes to making a healthy pregnancy and then consequently a healthy baby.


Research shows that fish oils, zinc and vitamin C all benefit egg health.

Of course, you will want to ensure that you are taking the most available  and clean forms of supplements. You can trust that these are the best pick of what you need to ensure that you are providing the best start for your baby.


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