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How to Detox for Health

Detoxification remains one of the core concepts of naturopathic medicine. At a clinical level, effective detoxification is far more than a focus on the liver detoxification pathways. The skin, lymphatics, bowel, kidneys and respiration are all other essential systems to support during a truly holistic...

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Don’t Wait for Weight Loss

Healthy eating is SO important but never forget that exercise is an integral part of any type of weight loss program. It has a beneficial impact on appetite, and provides long-term health benefits. For most patients it’s recommended to aim for, or build up to,...

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Detox & weight loss

A detox should not be a quick weight loss fix, but a method to prepare the ground (your body) for long term harvest. A comprehensive detoxification program should be a means to achieve your goals, yes. But, also and most importantly, to set up long term sustainable lifestyle changes to achieve fundamental improvements in your health. Now and in the future. Our body will give us back what we put in. So, what are you putting in yours?

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